The Drake Hotel

After encouraging each other to start  a new workout regime, we decided we didn’t want to eat a lot of party food at The Drake Hotel for the enRoute Film Festival party. But it just so happened to be the best party food ever, so we couldn’t resist! The cuisine we sampled was comfort food at it’s finest.

Warning: Don’t read if you’re hungry and have no food in the house.
The savoury hors d’oeuvres included tomato soup in shot glasses with mini grilled cheese sandwiches inside, decadent mac and cheese (huge emphasis on the decadent), mini veggie burritos, south-western chicken bites, oysters, sushi, and shrimp.  Out came the sweets – chocolate lollipops, mini banana cream pies, hot chocolate shots, and if it couldn’t get any better (or worse for our non-eating campaign) — they brought out mini ice cream sandwiches.

If you ever want to throw a party at a good venue, with great food – The Drake Hotel should definitely be on your venue list.  We both decided to walk home to burn it off, but we should have run a marathon. JD

Photo Credit: Steve Blackburn, YYZEvents



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4 responses to “The Drake Hotel

  1. Jenn

    Like you two would ever have to worry about actually working out! :)

  2. I worked at The Drake for years when I first moved there. Made me feel like a big city girl. I heart it.

  3. I love this blog! You girls have such great style! I always read your blog when I’m getting dressed and need ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

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