Change of Colour

The chino boyfriend trouser is a big look this fall season but with me NOT being a size 2 it has been hard to find a good pair that I feel comfortable in.  I swear you not I have probably tried on 20 different pairs of the low-rise,pleated pant with no success.  Until I came across these at Zara.  I like where they sit on my lady lumps (hips) and love the tapered leg.  They were $45 and feel more like a sweat pant then a trouser – double score!  On this day I went for a more classic look with a cropped jean jacket from H&M; $20, and a white t-shirt from The Bay; $20.  Hat is from Zara, bag is Forever 21, sunnies are from Kensington and shoes are Aldo.  CM



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5 responses to “Change of Colour

  1. You look fantastic and SO trendy in those pants! They’re perfect for you!

  2. Shannon

    What Zara did you find these at? I bought a navy pair in Burlington a little while ago and love them!

  3. Alix

    You look so 80s, I love it

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