Hockey Canadiana

Hello Ladies.  I know we have many American readers (love you!) so I think we need to explain a little something about us Canadians.  Yes! We are hockey obsessed.  My sister works for the largest sporting company in North America and invited me to last nights pre-season game.  As no one turns down hockey tics, I went along for the excitement the game brings.  Now, in the US, this event would not be a big deal, but for the largest hockey market in North America, it was the main event overshadowing the Blue Jays game down the street.  Coca-Cola Zero was last nights sponsor and freebies were everywhere.  Fans were dressed in their best Maple Leaf garb and supporting every move.  It was a great night despite the loss – ouch!

I came to meet the sis directly from work.  I was wearing this cardigan that I picked up from VV Boutique for $4, blouse from Joe Fresh for $12, belt from Costa Blanca for $6 and pant from J Crew for $40.  Did you know that the original Maple Leaf’s jersey was navy, green and white?  CM



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2 responses to “Hockey Canadiana

  1. That cardigan looks great on you and I love it with the tan belt. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Laura

    great look! what value village do you go to? the one in Burlington?

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