Pushing Labour Day

Do you wear white after Labour Day?  I find that people are split 50/50 over this.  I understand that seeing white apparel after the first weekend of September can be sad to some.  It is hard to say goodbye to summer after all.   I find that many retailers make this rule even more confusing.  I was shopping on Queen Street and many retailers have (gasp!) white pants and skirts hanging in their stores.  Anyway, here I am wearing this white and navy striped dress from Ralph Lauren.  I had to get one more wear in before Fall really hits.  I purchased in Florida for $40.  Shoes are Cole Haan and necklace is from Aldo.  CM



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3 responses to “Pushing Labour Day

  1. Bon-Ton

    “Life’s a game but it’s not fair, I break the rules so I don’t care” Rihanna.

    I tend to live by that motto for everything. Embrace the White after Labour Day… who cares?!

  2. I have a dress a ton like this one that I am considering wearing into the fall with black leggings and camel knee-high boots.

    Anyway, love the dress — and I’m still a little traditional about wearing white pants and shoes after Labor Day. :)

    Katy at…


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