Zebra Purse

I walked out my door the other day and this woman was setting up a small table of vintage accessories to sell.  Two purses caught my eye within seconds and when she said $5 each – I said “I’ll take both of them please.”  And off I trotted to the grocery store with an extra bounce in my step.  The purse shown here is leather and zebra fur and it reminds me of the Deena & Ozzy Pony purse from Urban Outfitters.  The other purse is a small leather messenger style, and I’ll show that in a later post.  I’m also wearing a skirt as a dress from Club Monaco with a Forever 21 belt and a vintage necklace I got from a market in Belgium.  Are you going to incorporate animal print to your Fall wardrobe?  JD



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4 responses to “Zebra Purse

  1. Danielle

    That purse is so hot I want to have sex with it.

  2. I looooove that dress and the purse is uber cute. I will absolutely sport some animal prints! Love ’em!

  3. This post makes me reminisce of summer days past.
    Nice purse. Funny how it happened. I guess it was meant to be.

  4. I’m gonna be all over animal prints for fall! I don’t think they’ll ever go out of style but I’m just happy to find them everywhere again.

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