27 Dresses?

I have had one busy summer.  Approximately seven-million wedding invitations (real number is seven) have come my way and all are taking place within three months of each other.  Two were this past weekend.  The first was for my Western University roommate Liz.  She married her macho man Jeff at the Miller Lash House at U of T Scarborough.  The grounds were stunning and Liz, being a wedding planner, planned and executed the most beautiful wedding.  I wore this dress that I found at The Bay.  It was 70% off for $36.  My bag is an old sale purchase from Banana Republic, wedges are from Pegabo, and necklace was borrowed from my friend T.

The following day the gorgeous Courtney married her math professor beau at Grace Restaurant on College Street.  It was the ultimate city wedding and tres chic.  She requested that her closest friends wear white – what a confident bride!  I wore this dress that I purchased at Lolita when I was a student in London, ON.  Those who went to Western or grew up London know that Lolita is the go to shop on Richmond street.   I decided to give the dress a boho look with big gold earrings from Forever 21 ($6) and strappy leather wedges from Aldo ($90).   Purse is a Cole Haan sample sale purchase.

Today I am off to Ottawa for another wedding…and no, my dress for this one isn’t floral print.  Stay tuned! CM



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9 responses to “27 Dresses?

  1. Alix

    Great dresses for summer weddings! I totally remember that store Lolita. What a flash back! They always had fun things.

  2. Both of those dresses are beautiful and you look just stunning!

  3. Ashley J

    You have the cutest figure! Love your wedding looks!


  4. Tawnya

    The “T’s borrowed necklace” is from Forever XXI. $6!!

  5. Kat

    Oooh, you’re coming to Ottawa? Have a great weekend!

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  8. Oh my goodness! First of all, you’re a stunner! But that dress, for $36??? Makes you look like a million bucks! Love the looks…perfect for summer and very very fresh!

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