We’re Here For A Good Time

Friday night was a busy one filled with lots of first time experiences.  We started off at the Distillery District for the Lexus Live event where we tried out the brand new hybrid Lexus CT 200h.  We didn’t drive it, but we sat in the driver’s seat and pretended to drive.  We aren’t car buffs, but we know style, and this car is definitely stylin’.  After some drinks and mingling, The Stills took to the stage and put on a stellar concert.  We love Canadian bands!

Following that, we went for a drink at The Paddock on Bathurst street at Queen.

We’ve lived in Toronto for a number of years and neither of us had been to this classic bar.  It’s been around since 1947 and apparently it used to stretch all the way down to the Tim Horton’s on Queen.  Wild.  The interior is incredible because it doesn’t look like it’s changed much.  It’s definitely a good spot to shoot a movie.

Next stop was the roof top of The Burroughes building on Queen West.  We had never been to the roof and it was a great little gem.  Out night got even better when a group of us went to XO Karaoke in Korea Town.

This is another place we’ve been talking about for a long time and finally went to.  You get your own private karaoke room and can belt out as many tunes as you want.  We sang Like A Prayer, Islands in the Stream, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Shoop, and Desperado which had me laughing in stitches when CM sang in her signature high pitch voice.  It’s like no other.  You’ll have to join us next time!! JD



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3 responses to “We’re Here For A Good Time

  1. Happy Birthday CM! Can’t wait to see your bday outfit!

  2. Wow! That’s quite the night. I was at the Lexus event too, but my night didn’t last nearly as long as yours.

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