Ruffles And Roses

I wore this outfit to a big party once with cowboy boots and giant hair – it was sort of a saloon girl look.  I’ve been waiting to bust it out again but in a tamer way.  I found this double crinoline tutu at a vintage store called Flashback in Kensington Market for $35.  They have a ton of these fun skirts in all sorts of colours.  I paired it with a black tank from Jacob, a rose belt from Glamourous Place on Yonge street, and high heel booties by Dollhouse from Winners.  Christine and I are going to the Scissor Sisters concert next week so maybe I’ll wear it.  I don’t know – it’s between this or something leathery or neon or spandex.  Stay tuned!  JD



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4 responses to “Ruffles And Roses

  1. Loving the outfit…and the last photo…smashing

  2. That’s a great belt! The skirt too, but the belt just makes the whole outfit pop! :-)

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