Woman in a White Dress

Every once in a while, you just have to get on a train with your girlfriends and take is as far as it will take you.  In this case, it was the Go Train and we took it to Niagara Falls to celebrate my friend and bride-to-be Erin’s bachelorette party.  We toured five Niagara-On-The-Lake wineries (yes five!) and headed back to the hotel to continue our party.  We stayed at the Hilton and guess who we saw?  Pink! She was there with her handsome husband Carey Hart who was opening up another one of his Hart & Huntington tattoo parlors.  We traveled across the street to Dragonfly and can confirm what EVERYONE told us prior to our travels – it’s horrible!  Seriously, never, ever go there.  Anyhow, this is what I wore for my night out.  H&M kinda exploded all over me but how could I resist?  When I saw this picture of Miss Salma Hayek and spotted this $30 dress, there was no stopping me.  Dress, belt and headband all from from H&M total $46.  My Shoes were an early birthday gift from my Mom.  They are from Spring.  CM



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14 responses to “Woman in a White Dress

  1. Holy cow, what a great score on the entire outfit! That’s incredible.

    You look absolutely amazing in this! It makes me wonder if you outshined the bride-to-be! :)

  2. Gorgeous, Christine!

  3. Ashley J

    How cute are you, perfect copy of Selma’s look!


  4. You look fantastic! I love white dresses! I am just too pale to pull them off.

  5. Ashleigh

    OMG! Christine you looks so beautiful!

    The dress looks great with red contrast….

  6. Erin

    Best … Post …. Ever!!!
    And you didn’t even spill any Margarita on it

  7. AD

    You look great! You and JD are always giving me a lot of ideas to use with my clothes in my closet. Thanks, Looking forward to your daily posts!

  8. Mariana

    I live in Niagara Falls and yes, Dragonfly is the worst club. The bouncers are egotistical maniacs and their patrons are trash.

  9. You make me wanna be a blondie!

  10. Jenny

    When I am in Niagara Falls, I am often tempted to drink unrealistic amounts of vodka to a point where it makes me sick. When I feel the sickness coming on, I will walk up to the door staff at Dragonfly and proceed in puking all over them and the front entrance. I will than go into my Chanel purse, take out a Kleenex to wipe my face and then walk away on my Christian Louboutin black patent pumps. That is how I feel about that loser-hole.

    On another note, you did a good job creating Salma’s look so kudos.

  11. Meghan

    You looked fantastic and it was such a great time!!

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