Style By Jury

I’ve been having conversations about style lately, as per usual, and a friend of mine put it perfectly when he said…

“When people don’t care about personal style, they neglect a part of their artistic integrity” — Luke Langsdale

It’s so true!  I’ve noticed that a lot more men are dressing better in the city of Toronto lately and it’s a nice sight.  Women in Canada already do a good job of looking pretty and awesome, but it’s the men who are finally catching on….it’s about time!  I think H&M is responsible for people all over the world dressing better.  They make it so easy for us.  They make stylish clothes that everyone can afford, so why not have fun with your wardrobe?   Some people think it’s shallow to spend time and effort on the way you look, but I believe it really says a lot about a person and shows individuality.

I think we need a photo of a stylish man on Seven Dollar Pants…what do you think?  In due time! JD



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3 responses to “Style By Jury

  1. Ashleigh


  2. not only that, but its part of loving yourself. And let’s face it, people do judge a book by its cover. You have 15 seconds to make a first impression, looking sharp really helps.

  3. Apart from the men comment I have to say that you two shopping on a minimal budjet really shows your creativity and what you see visually to each piece on the sale rack.
    I think you two deserve props as well.

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