That 70s Outfit

I dig the 70s look, but you’ll rarely find me in wide leg jeans.  I’m more of a skinny jeans, cropped pants, leggings kind of girl, but it’s fun to change things up once in a while.  These are the widest jeans I own by Seven for all Mankind – they kind of remind me of the jeans my mom wore here.  I paired them with this multi-coloured top from FCUK that I bought on sale for $39.  I decided to throw on a belt to give the look another layer, and my red Mary Jane espadrilles are the perfect pair of shoes for this pant.  They are by Steve Madden and I found them at Winners on Bloor for $60.  My gigantic sunglasses are also by Steve Madden from Winners for $12.  Next time I want to wear this outfit with my top tucked in.  I was feeling bloated this day so the tuck-in was just not happening.  JD



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7 responses to “That 70s Outfit

  1. I love the retro-gone-modern look! That blouse looks awesome on you, I love that you belted it instead of tucking it in. Those wedges are great and the jeans fit you perfectly!

  2. AD

    Did you mean to say, “FCUK”?

  3. So cute! Love the post!
    Like your Mom I too wore that same jean style in the 70’s. Definitely, when you tuck the top in then you’ll be rockin’ 70’s style all the way!And for fun, switch out the espadrilles for clogs!
    Ok like you, I’m on a 70’s roll…

  4. Shwanky JD v. v. shwanky. love it.

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