Save The Date – BoobyBall!!

I joined the organizing committee for Boobyball this year and I’m extremely excited for it.  It’s a charity gala in support of Rethink Breast Cancer and it’s going to be one giant off the hook party!

We want you to join us so SAVE THE DATE – it’s on Saturday, October 16th and the theme is Studio 54!  Picture through the light bulbs and paparazzi while watching everyone scrambling for their 15 minutes of fame.  We’re transporting you back in time to the hottest party inspired by the world’s most iconic nightclub, Studio 54.  Think high society mixed with glam rockers, Warhol artists and the kings and queens of the night!

Who goes? You can expect over 1,300 interesting and interested male and female young professionals between the ages of 25-40 yrs.

Fundraising Effort: Last year Boobyball raised a record-breaking $160 000 for Rethink Breast Cancer with 60% of the net funds being funnelled to B.I.G.  – The Booby Innovation Grant with the remainder supporting Rethink Breast Cancer’s existing programs, research and support services. This money is invaluable in the fight against Breast Cancer. B.I.G. funds new projects, programs or initiatives spearheaded by survivors to help relieve suffering and improve the quality of life of young women with breast cancer, specifically supporting work that is innovative and creative.

I’ll let you know when tickets go on sale.  In the meantime, save the date and start planning your outfit!  JD



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8 responses to “Save The Date – BoobyBall!!

  1. Ashleigh

    I want to go to this!!

  2. Serra

    I heard about this event – looks like a good one!! And it’s for a good cause too. When do tickets go on sale?

  3. AF

    Awesome theme! What should I wear?!

  4. Steph P

    Amazing theme! I am going to dig out my afro wig.

  5. Cathy

    Rethink is a great organization and it sounds like a great event. Hope to meet you two girls there.

  6. Jenn

    Count me in!!! Where can you buy tix?

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