No Inspiration Needed…

…and no accessories needed either.  I really am not much of an accessories girl to be honest.  I do love a heavy, chunky necklace and for me the bigger the earrings the better, but I often find accessories to be a lot of work.  Not to mention a hassle at work.  Bracelets banging on my desk drives me crazy and earring won’t get me through an entire phone conversation.  Luckily I wasn’t at work this day and luckily my leopard print scarf was all I needed.  Swung around my shoulders in a big loop and fastened with a safety-pin, this scarf is not going anywhere.  It is from H&M for $12.  Red halter dress is from American Apparel.  It is the one they market by being able to wear it 15 different ways.  I can really only wear it 2 ways – halter and strapless – for obvious reasons.  I do love the colour though.  Hat is from Zara for $20 and gladiators are from H&M for $15. CM



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5 responses to “No Inspiration Needed…

  1. I love the red dress with the leopard scarf! That’s the perfect accessory. So simple but very, very chic and you look gorgeous!

  2. stunning! you look like a playboy model. i have one of these dresses (from vicky’s though) and have only been able to wear it cap-sleeve style with a cami underneath due to similar *cough* obvious reasons.
    i love leopard with red!
    seriously, you should model if you don’t…

  3. so fun…I love the leopard scarf with the hot red dress!!

  4. Lisa

    This hat reminds me of Michael Jackson on his BAD album cover. wicked.

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