$6 Joy

I share with you what could be the best thrifted find of all time!  This skirt was $6 from VV Boutique in Burlington. (Translation – Value Village).  Beautiful non?  I wore it to dinner with this $12 Forever 21 tank and $12 Forever 21 necklace.  My most perfect open toe black pumps were $60 from Zara.  I am too excited to wear this skirt into fall.  Oh, and the last pic?  Julie laughed at my funny face and dared me to post it.  How can I not?  It’s my $6 leather skirt excited face.  CM



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5 responses to “$6 Joy

  1. Love it! And I heart your face! You both are too cute.

  2. Great face!
    ..and great outfit. I’m going to have to try VV Boutique.

  3. I think I actually own an almost identical black leather skirt –thrifted years ago for a couple of dollars. Love the outfit :)

  4. You have the most enviable figure and you know how to dress it so well! Love your style and your blog :)

  5. seigert

    Leather skirt! Sexy! ;)

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