I Heart Betty

“Only boring people are bored” — Betty Draper

Betty & Don Draper in Rome – Mad Men Season 3

If you didn’t already know – I am OBSESSED with the show Mad Men and Betty Draper in particular.  I seriously cannot get enough of this show.  Season 4 just started and my lack of owning a TV has put me in a little state of panic because I don’t want to get behind.  I’m hoping I can find the episodes online — going to check that out soon.  In any case, if you haven’t tuned into Mad Men yet – what are you waiting for?  I think January Jones (who plays Betty Draper) is SO pretty.  Did you know she dated Ashton Kutcher and he said she’d never make it as an actor?  He advised her to quit but that just pushed to keep going.  TAKE THAT ASHTON!! Revenge is sweet.  JD



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6 responses to “I Heart Betty

  1. Have you checked hulu to see if it’s on there? They have practically every show!

  2. Christine

    Take that Ashton Kutcher!

  3. Jen

    AMC online shows the the most current episodes

  4. Bon-Ton

    Be nice to Ashton!

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