Summer Time Nostalgia

It seems everyone I talk to lately has a bit of nostalgia going on.  Myself included.  Thoughts of lazy beach days, sand in my hair, corn on the cob, ice cream, night swimming, and freckles on my face consume my every thought.  This is what I call summer time nostalgia.  Why cant everyone agree to shut things down for the month of August?  No work, just play for one solid month.  You may say I’m a dreamer, but I do my best to make my day dreams reality.  I spent this past weekend in Port Colborne Ontario enjoying all things summer, including Canal Days – an awesome festival that takes place every August long weekend.  I went to the beach, went for bike rides, ate a funnel cake, and stood in awe while watching the best fire works ever.  If only summer lasted a little longer.  Le sigh.  JD



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3 responses to “Summer Time Nostalgia

  1. Mel

    This looks lovely!

  2. Ah the memories…..sigh…:) Next year I want to come home for canal days….

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