My trip has come to an end and I’m quite sad.  I had an amazing time over the past couple of weeks and saw so many new things.  I feel inspired and I have my international friends to thank for showing me a fab time!  The best travel experiences happen when you have an insider to show you around, and that was definitely true for this trip.  My last night ended at the Gentse Feesten (Festival of Gent).  For 10 days in July, the city of Gent transforms into one of Europe’s largest open air cultural festivals.  An estimated 2 million people visit from all over to attend the festivities and there is never a dull moment.  There were street performers, jazz bands, swing bands, DJs, people in period costumes, outdoor theatre, and lots of FRIETEN! (Fries).  Let me tell you, the Belgians LOVE their frieten – they eat them at least once a week, but we ate them a bunch of times.  Every time I said “ok this is my last frieten” but it never was.  A big THANK YOU goes out to JR one of my oldest besties who I spent the majority of my time with.  JR was my main tour guide who led us through Gent, Bruges, Brussels, Paris, and Lille (in France) and she was a huge help with the blog by acting as photographer and proofreader. Dank u with all my heart! JD

You will be missed JR! xx


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4 responses to “Farewell

  1. JR

    Awww……. I’m so weepy today. You are welcome! Miss you too.

  2. Jenn

    You guys are too cute! Even this made me a bit weepy :) xo

  3. Fooze

    Hey JD and JR! So glad you guys had a great time together…it warms my heart! XO

  4. Ali

    Glad you girls had a great time together. I feel like I was there by reading your posts!

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