Summer Paisley

Following Julie’s last post, I decided to bust out my Mendocino maxi dress.  Paired with Aldo wedges and this clutch/weapon that was thrifted for $4.  It has two different titles as to women, it is a clutch but, to men, it is a weapon.  When guys see this clutch they usually snatch it out of my hands and pretend to beat the person next to them or launch it into the air.  Boys are weird…I just think it is pretty.  CM



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7 responses to “Summer Paisley

  1. Hahaha boys are weird! Love the dress – you look beautiful in it!

    – Meredith

  2. What a fun dress! It’s such a great color on you!

    (Yes, boys are weird. And often dumb, too.)

  3. Ashley J

    I love this dress, very beautiful!

  4. Carla

    This is the most perfect colour for blondes.

  5. I lovelovelove this look. And that colour looks gorgeous on you.

  6. S-JP

    oooohhh, pretty pretty!!!

  7. U looks so gorgeous with that batik!. So pretty and nice.The color is matching with u. Check out my website for more handmade batik top!

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