Pass the Courvoisier Exclusif

Last Tuesday, Matchstick hosted the Toronto launch of Courvoisier Exclusif.

Hello Courvoisier Exclusif cocktails waiting for me upon arrival.  Nice to see you!

Hello Toronto!  The event was held at the Park Hyatt’s rooftop bar.  The Park Hyatt is famous for having the best view of the city.

Hello ROM and cocktail! And take that Toronto haters who say this city isn’t green enough!

I have never had cognac before this night.  I always thought of it as more of a man’s drink but the cocktails prepared turned out to be delish and the all ladies sipping were impressed.

We were ushered to our seats to test our senses followed by a tasting of Courvoisier and Courvoisier Exclusif.  I will admit that it was a little tough for me to sip cognac and I will stick to drinking it in a martini.

Not surprisingly the only scent that I was able to exactly pinpoint was coffee.

The main event of the evening was a competition between approximately 12 tables to mix the best Courvoisier Exclusif martini.  This spread was waiting for us to mix.   Having sommelier Richie Healy was a great asset.

When we were given the “go”, our table was off in a mad rush.  We came up with about 4 martinis but decided to submit ‘The Baker’.  We were convinced we would win based on team spirit alone but sadly that was not the case.  In the end it was a great night.  Cheers to Courvoisier and cheers to new friends.  CM



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5 responses to “Pass the Courvoisier Exclusif

  1. Steph

    How do you two manage to go to all these events? I want your life and your clothes!

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  3. I love Toronto and I miss it dearly. More for it’s nightlife then anything. And Richie. I worked with him for years at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. Then he got deported. Ha ha. Kidding.

  4. meh

    YEAH! let’s get silly again soon. :)

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