Are You Ready Boots?

If you’re following us on Twitter you may have read that I repeated an outfit twice this week.  Once at the Courvoisier event and the next night at the Bon Jovi concert.  Normally I wouldn’t tell a soul, but I ran into one of my Courvoisier mixing partners and realized the jig was up.  Can’t help loving an outfit.  For this one it’s all about these boots from Spring that were $70.  I know they will be my uniform for the rest of the summer.  My dress was $35 from H&M on Bloor, necklace was $5 from Value Village in Burlington, purse was $6 from Value Village on the Danforth and sunglasses were $5 from Kensington Market.  I’m all about the boots from now on.  CM



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7 responses to “Are You Ready Boots?

  1. I see why you would wear this twice. I LOVE THIS!

  2. Oooohhh I heart this look!

  3. love the look CM. I also love Nancy Sinatra – how hot is she? I think we need to sing this at Karaoke soon!! xx

  4. super hot girl! I would wear that in a flash :)

  5. I loooove this outfit! Great glasses too :-)))

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