Last night my friend Brenna presented me with a ticket to Bon Jovi’s second sold out show at the Rogers Center (SKY DOME).  I gladly accepted.  I’ve never owned a Bon Jovi album but managed to sing along to his songs in university with Brenna who has been OBSESSED with him for the ten years I’ve known her.  JBJ fans are hardcore and I wanted to experience the hype as well as witness the amazing style these fans brought to the show.  Mullets were everywhere, tight (inappropriate) spandex dresses were everywhere, cowboy boots were everywhere.  Yessss!  Bon Jovi played for almost two and a half hours and although I only knew about forty percent of his songs, I happily stood up with the crowd and sang along.   I will admit though, I believe he has done so well with ticket sales over the past twenty years because (here I go JBJ fans) he is so freaking sexy!  Everytime he smiled I melted.  Everytime he changed his tight tank tops (the red one was my favorite), my knees shook.  Everytime he sang he love ballads and looked right into the camera, I believed he was looking at me in the 500’s.  Jon Bon Jovi, will you marry me?  CM

Fun fact:  The band expressed their gratitude to the crowd saying they have come a long way from playing Spadina’s El Mocambo in 1984.



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2 responses to “JBJ + CM = TRU LUV 4EVAH

  1. JD wants to know what you wore?! I hope it was leather and denim combined. Perhaps a vest of some sort?

  2. Brenna

    Woo hooo!! Bon Jovi is soooooo dreamy!

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