Country Living

Whenever I travel to a new place, my motto is always “When in Rome!”  I like to hang out with the locals, do the things they do, eat the foods they eat, go to city festivals, and learn about cultural differences.  I find it fascinating.  On this particular day in Gent, my Belgian friends took me to the countryside for a traditional “schieting” – which translates to “shooting. ”  It’s a casual celebration that takes place just days before a couple gets married.  Friends and family gather together in the countryside and shoot off explosives to let the town know they are getting married. The noise is LOUD and scary but I didn’t hesitate when the giant sledge-hammer was passed over to me. It was fun!  Coincidentally my outfit was fit for a country gal –  I wore my Levis 501 cut-off jean shorts with a floral top I bought in Paris for 14 euro. My fringe sandals are from Spring shoes. JD

Watch out!



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3 responses to “Country Living

  1. What a gorgeous location for a shoot. I love your outfit!

  2. Karin

    that is an amazing tradition!! hope you’re enjoying your trip!

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