Last Thursday in Toronto, photographer Caitlin Cronenberg launched her new book Poser at the Berkeley Church.  It’s a collection of nude photos she started shooting as a Ryerson student featuring friends, family and people she has met along the way.  All 113 of the beautiful black and white photos captured the non-models in full pose, mid-pose or completely off guard – whichever way best expressed their comfort (or discomfort) in their own skin. Best to check it out for yourself – it won’t disappoint.

Every one needs a good Poser dress and this was mine.  When I saw it at H&M I figured that every girl should have a sequined dress in her closet but, the better excuse was that it was only $10.  I opted not to wear heels this particular evening (couldn’t bear the thought of it actually) so I went with these $15 H&M gladiator sandals.  Bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Oh…and the lipstick is Nars (my favourite) in Funny Face.  CM



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4 responses to “Poser

  1. Jenn

    Love the dress!!
    I love gladiators but they don’t get along well with my feet- maybe because of my high arch? JD- HELP! :)

  2. I think you may be right about needing a sequined dress. That was is especially cute and would look good tucked in and used as a top as well. Great find!

  3. There is no greater joy in life.. Then finding a cute dress for extremely cheap ;-)

  4. A sequined dress for every woman – yes, this sounds like a good idea. :)

    Yours looks great on you! I love it with the sandals, they add a sweet but edgy look to counter the flirtiness of the dress.

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