Uit In Gent

Yesterday was spent uit in Gent – translation – out in Gent, in Belgium! I took a boat ride in the canal, people watched at a cafe, and snapped more than a few shots of the picturesque buildings. I noticed a lot of girls sporting disheveled hair dos and vintage boots, and I particularly loved all the different colour doors on the buildings. I wore my Rich & Skinny jeans with a simple white linen shirt from H&M. It got a little wrinkled in my bag, but it’s a must-have shirt for traveling in my books. I ended the day eating typical Belgian fries which were delish and so filling. Yum! Next stop -Paris!! JD



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3 responses to “Uit In Gent

  1. Jenn

    you look great! I love that you are in Belgium now- miss you girls! xo

  2. Shannon

    I love Belgium! I got engaged in Bruges. The houses there are amazing!! Enjoy!

  3. S-JP

    Julie – the pic of you by the canal is gorgeous!!! Hope you’re having a great trip!!!

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