Night With The Boys

Last Thursday night, Julie and I made our way over to Lifford Wine Agency’s Boys Night Out – a major fundraising event in support of prostate cancer research.  Boys Night Out offers tastings from some of Toronto’s best restaurants as well as some of the best wines on the market.  We were there for work related purposes but would recommend attending next years event.  By “recommend” I mean “ladies get out there”!  The ratio of men to women was probably 15:1. My dress is Rachel Rachel Roy.  I purchased at this event which The Bay had back in March –  I could not resist the colour.  Patent gladiators are from Aldo and purse is Marc by Marc Jacobs.  CM



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8 responses to “Night With The Boys

  1. Am obsessed with this dress. Wowza

  2. Jenn

    pretty colour!

  3. Has anyone told you that you look like Erin from the city? especially on your last picture.
    Very pretty.

  4. Love these pics! Coral is one of my absolute fave go-to colours. I like how you paired pretty with tough. Well played.
    thanks for your 15:1 stats – i was wondering where the men have been hiding.
    vanessa ;)

  5. Sweet clutch! Love it :-)

  6. I’m in love with Rachel Roy! I just bought my first dress that I plan on wearing to a wedding at the end of this month! Love the color!

  7. If theres one thing I love it’s the colour…ooooh, reminds me of my Chiffon Florescent yellow French Connection dress…which by the way was sooo on SALE!

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