Breakfast on the East Side

Heat Waaaave!  Toronto is HOT right now.  I have been laying low in my non-air-conditioned apartment trying to beat the heat.  Considering the last two summers were nothing but dark clouds, cool breezes and rain, the lack of air conditioning never bothered me…until now.  The past two nights I came home from work, laid in my bed with a fan on me and read for hours.  At least I am catching up on my reading non?  I wore this red dress to breakfast last Canada Day.  I purchased it from Target almost three years ago for $30 and it has held up incredibly well – fabric and colour.  Necklace is from Aldo Accessories for $20, bracelet is from H&M for $4 and shoes are from Nine West.  CM


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6 responses to “Breakfast on the East Side

  1. Ashley J

    I love that necklace, your look so cute!

  2. Karin

    I love the heels..and the bun!

  3. I love the bright colour of the dress! I’m all for neutrals but sometimes colour is way more refreshing.. Would you be interested at all in doing a guest post on “beat the heat” fashion options? Something like our last post


  4. That red looks great on you….love that neckalce

  5. your brunch outfit is really sweet. love how you pulled it together!

    vanessa ;)

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