Little Miss Brightside

It’s amazing how an outfit can make you feel a certain way. If you’re tired of feeling drab in the same old – bust out some new colours! It will make a world of difference. This is my Boss Orange skirt that I got at a sample sale ($40). The material is like a parachute and I found it tricky to find a good top for it at first, but this one from FCUK is a pretty good compliment. It’s on sale now for $39. I paired it with a chunky black belt and comfortable peep toe heels from Feet First. A lot of people think these shoes are vintage and that’s why I like them! JD


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10 responses to “Little Miss Brightside

  1. Sam

    You girls give the best advice for office dressing. I would never think of half the things you do. Love your blog. xoxo

  2. Jenn

    Very pretty JD- I like your hair like that! :)

  3. Cute outfit! You look like Sandra Bullock.

  4. love the colors in your outfit!

  5. Bon-Ton

    Total Smoke Show- Work it!

  6. DIANA

    LOVE IT YOU look fabulous as always..

  7. DIANA


  8. Ash

    Love this skirt! you look gorg!!

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