All Shook Up

It was a hot and humid Wednesday afternoon when Christine and I decided to take these shots. We were talking about hair cuts, nail polish, and the guy that walked past us who looked like E from Entourage. We decided it wasn’t the real E because he was too chubby. At that very moment the earth decided to shake and Toronto experienced a 5.5 magnitude earthquake! Luckily we didn’t feel a thing because we were outside, but man did everyone love talking about it….facebook was blowing up with earthquake talk. Ok we were kinda jealous that we missed it.

I wore a skirt that I picked up on the weekend from Liquidation World in Port Colborne. True story. I went in to look for a kitchen table and I walked out with a $10 Kenzie skirt. And no table. I paired it with a top I purchased from Simons in Montreal ($30), and a pair of vintage boots from my best friend’s Auntie Nena. I believe they’re from the 70s. Love them.

I was attracted to this skirt because it reminded me of something you would see at Anthropologie. I could also wear it with a grey or black t-shirt or tank top for a casual feel.

There’s nothing I love more than a pair of perfectly restored vintage boots. JD



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12 responses to “All Shook Up

  1. I can’t believe they didn’t fit me :( sniff….but they look great on you!

  2. You are too cute! I guess they felt it here in Toledo too. I didn’t feel anything, but I was on my lunch hour so I was distracted by food and my soaps at home! Glad you are all safe though. I think that it is funny that you didn’t even feel it!

  3. I was on the Dufferin bus at the time of the earthquake so I missed it too! Ripped off!!!

  4. JR

    I can’t believe you got that skirt at liquidation world.

  5. Annie

    I can’t believe that the skirt is from LW either! I always check out their hair stuff but have never ventured to the clothing section. I guess next time I should. WOW!

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