Rebel Yell

This is as bad ass as I get.  Studded gladiators, leather (faux) and gold jewelery.  When I walked out the door wearing this, my boyfriend asked if I was going to style a hip-hop video.  Hilarious.  A sarcastic hilarious.  He has so much to learn.  Everyone knows that only two gold chains wouldn’t get me on camera for even a second.  Ten is the minimum.  Oh, I would also need a big butt and unfortunately I don’t have one of those.  My faux leather mini is from H&M on Bloor for $20.  T-shirt is from Zara for $19 and gladiators are from H&M for $15.  Chain with the pearl is from VV Boutique in Calgary for $7 and the necklace with the crystal is from Forever 21 for $8.  Ray-Bans were from the Sunglasses Hut boxing day sale, they were $60.  Score!  CM



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2 responses to “Rebel Yell

  1. Sarah

    I am a black and white outfit girl and I love this look! When did you get that skirt?

  2. Rach

    Hello Dolly!

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