Take It Easy

After a long and grueling apartment move this weekend, I escaped from the city to the quiet and peaceful Lake Erie in Niagara. I didn’t pack properly but luckily I had some random old clothes lying around my parents house and managed to piece an outfit together. My top is from Winners and I think it’s actually supposed to be a skirt. I found it years ago for $3 and only got a few wears out of it, but that’s fine by me because it was basically the cost of a chocolate bar! My white shorts are from Winners too. They used to be cigarette pants but I cut them into shorts. Fringe sandals are from Spring shoes and my sunglasses were my grandpa’s. I love the sun and the lake. JD


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4 responses to “Take It Easy

  1. Rach

    Way to be creative, I do that too when I go home to my parents…finding old clothes that still work is great :)

  2. I like that you’re wearing a skirt as top! way to go. Isn’t it great when you find old forgotten clothes that you can still wear?


  3. shab`

    I love turning skirts into tops/dresses!

  4. DIANA

    Julie you look fabulous as always!!!!

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