Karen Elson

I had the pleasure of attending Karen Elson’s show last night at the El Mocambo.  Karen’s album, ‘The Ghost Who Walks’, was produced by her husband Jack White of the White Stripes and has received more than excellent reviews.  I will admit that 50% of me went to see her because of her admirable modelling background.  She won the VH1 model of the year award in 1998 and British Fashion Award for Best Model in 2005.  In between awards, you may have seen her in international ad campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Christian Dior, Burberry and Chanel – just to name a few.  I won’t be surprised if her music career takes on a similar path as her modelling career as Karen’s live show was a delightful surprise.  I, as well as others around me, were blown away by her voice which was as heavenly as she is beautiful.  Karen’s songs – part folk, part country, part cabaret – succeeded in hypnotizing the crowd with every strum of her guitar.   I was happy to see Karen Elson in a small venue such is the El Mocambo as her career has nowhere to go by up.  I took a video early into the show.  Sorry it is so unsteady – I am really short you know!  I also found this video from last night so please take a look/listen.  CM



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2 responses to “Karen Elson

  1. so cool you got to see her!!

  2. Susanne

    Wow, that’s cool!!

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