Blush Baby

We took a stroll through the beautiful U of T campus for these shots and got stuck in a tunnel of wind under the archway. I wore my blush tone skirt from H&M and paired it with this shirt dress top also from H&M. I wore it once as a dress here but I think I like it as a top better now. My moto-inspired jacket is from H&M too! Wow 3 items from one store…didn’t do that on purpose. Lace-up booties are from Spring shoes ($29) and chain necklaces are from my mom and grandma’s collections. Oh and I don’t know if you can see the buttons on my sleeves but those are button covers I got at a thrift store in Port Colborne. Gotta love random finds. JD

The wind crept up on me!



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2 responses to “Blush Baby

  1. Jenn

    Nice shots!

    When is SDP coming to Mississauga? I will invite Hazel :)

  2. Bon-Ton


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