Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension

I’m obsessed with this song at the moment. It’s from Julian Casabalancas’ solo album…you know the lead singer of The Strokes? It’s him. I LOVE IT! I think it’s the 80s twang that gets me going. Listen. Dance. In the Mirror. You know you want to. JD



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3 responses to “Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension

  1. That is a great song!!!! You have such a beautiful blog here…I will be back to read more of your posts and thank you so much for your lovely comment….So sweet of you, darling:)
    Happy Weekend:)

  2. I hadn’t heard this song, yet. Thanks for sharing! <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  3. Ah! I love this album. I think my favorite song is River of Brakelights, but they’re all so good…I wrote a post about Julian Casablancas:

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