South Beach

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Down in Florida last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Miami’s famous South Beach.  Known for its nightlife, restaurants, shopping and of course the beach, we took in all that it had to offer and had lunch at The Carlyle in one of South Beach’s historically preserved buildings.  Restaurants line Ocean Drive and as we were there in the middle of the week and business was slower, all hostesses on the strip screamed deals at us.  We were sold when The Carlyle offered us 2 for 1 drinks, 20% menu discount and the clincher:  a round of free shots.  Sounds like a lunch to me!  Karin and I had salads, jumbo shrimps and ceviche while the boys dined on Cuban sandwiches.  Following lunch we moved to the beach where the soft sand and warm water was enjoyed by the masses of Miami’s beautiful people.  I wish I had more pics to share but my head was up the entire time taking in the art deco and streamline modern architecture.  There will be a next time as I would definitely go back.   Ladies, I think South Beach would be a great place for a bachelorette party :)

Now, something from Miami’s spiciest Cuban, Gloria Estefan.  CM



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11 responses to “South Beach

  1. Siiigh…I want to go there. Love that top picture of you – so pretty!

  2. Sundie

    I am in love with that garden collection dress!

  3. Jenn

    South Beach is so much fun- those shrimp look amazing! Next time you go- make the drive to Delray Beach… towards West Palm beach- that one is my favourite. Bacardi Mojitos??

  4. Leah

    …”historically (p)reserved buildings”…


  5. Vicki

    You look great – hope you had a fun trip!!!

  6. Sara

    i love the blue and pink building. and your dress. and the nacho dish.

  7. Hilary

    how great is Gloria Estefan? what a great song to start my friday morning! TGIF

  8. Marjan

    Looks like you had a fun, colourful time in South Beach.
    Ooooh I’m so excited my sister and I are heading down labour day weekend.
    Trying to book a hotel…so frustrating…any suggestions?
    P.S …so glad you played hamage to Miss. Gloria Estefan….love her….

    • We didnt stay there so I am unfamiliar with hotels. I would stick to the area right by all the shops and the beach. There are tons of boutique hotels on Ocean Drive that I would check out :)

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