F1 Driver Jenson Button

I was up close and personal with world-famous Formula 1 race car driver Jenson Button at the Hugo Boss event last night! I felt like a big geek asking for a picture with him, but my best friend’s boyfriend is his BIGGEST fan so I did it for him…but I was excited too. We had a bit of a moment actually, when I left I said “Bye” and waved to him and he said (in a sexy British accent) “Are you out?” HA! What does Jenson Button care if “I’m out?” maybe he was going to ask me to tour the world with him. Aw shucks. JD

More info on Jenson http://www.jensonbutton.com/


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8 responses to “F1 Driver Jenson Button

  1. Heck yeah he’s supa cute. Lucky you!!

  2. Bon-Ton

    Damn… He is very Dapper-Looking!

  3. Umm..hello! You are gorgeous! Of course he was interested.

  4. Meghan

    I have no idea how tall you are but I’ve heard that he is (as are other F1 drivers) super short. How tall do you think he is?? He doesn’t look short in these pics, let me know…totally wondering!! If he’s 5’5, it would take away the sex appeal!

  5. I read that he just broke up with his gorgeous girlfriend so who knows?? I breathed the same air as him once – in one of those VIP rooms at an F1 race somewhere.

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