MTV With Jakey-Poo

A friend of ours scored tickets from a Twitter contest to see Jake Gyllenhall live at MTV! He was promoting his new movie Prince of Persia. There were mostly high school kids in the audience and us – a group of rowdy older girls perched on the balcony shouting things like “we love you Jakey-Poo” and “show us your abs” – yes we are 12. But he looked up at the balcony and laughed at us. That’s right, we made Jakey laugh. He was super cute and down to earth. Great combination. CM + JG = true love forever.



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2 responses to “MTV With Jakey-Poo

  1. Emc

    I watched the episode and laughed ‘out loud’ when I heard the jakey poo comment. I meant to watch for the next episode when they do the slow-mo of him reaching up – love those abs!

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