In The Navy

Since we started this blog, it has forced me to evaluate my current wardrobe and what I actually make use of.  I have cleared out my closets at least 3 times this season yet I still manage to hoard.  Often I will decide to break out certain items (out of the darkness from the back of the closet) and wear them just to learn that I should have trashed them long ago.  Case in point: these hideous shoes. Yes, I bought them at a good price…but that was 5 years ago and clearly my only excuses at this point.  Seriously, what was I thinking?!  My blog posts have also taught me that I need to practice using self tanner on my legs on a regular basis.  Case in point: my legs in these pics!  They make the shoes look that much worse.  Now I know.

Anyhow, I am feeling the rest of this outfit.  Lipstick is Prescriptive’s Classic Red Cream.  The blazer is from Zara on Bloor and dress is from Forever 21 on Yonge for $24.  Bracelet is from H&M for $4 and necklace is an oldie from Annex at Masonville Mall in London.  Do any of you ladies remember that store? CM



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5 responses to “In The Navy

  1. Kristina

    I totally remember Annex! I still have a few pieces from that store.

  2. Shannon

    I say embrace the pale! You look fab :)

  3. Ruby

    I was thinking to myself, the only thing wrong with this is the shoes! Ha . I am glad you said it!

    And your skin is flawless! Pale is the new luxury. Only peasants work in the sun.

  4. AJ

    Yes!!! Masonville was my mall as a youth… I wasted many many MANY afternoons as a mallrat in the food court…. I even remember when they had a mini golf course in the middle of the mall… first date with my first boyfriend there… sigh…

  5. kelly

    Christine, I am becoming obsessed with your blog!
    Love it girl and love this outfit even more!
    ps. alabaster looks amazing with navy.

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