Red Lemon

The colour combination of red and yellow is a bit bold…kind of like ketchup and mustard. I normally wouldn’t marry the two but I was inspired by an outfit I saw in Anthropologie’s look book (which is always amazing by the way). It’s liberating to wear an outfit that doesn’t contain any trace of black or grey.

I bought this top from Winners a while back and it’s one of those tops that I don’t wear often, but I know better than to get rid of it. This yellow skirt is from Zara and I really like the crisp shape – it instantly gives a polished look. My belt is from the GAP and it’s one of my all time favourites. Vintage sunglasses were my grandfather’s, and my jazz booties are from Spring shoes. Wearing this outfit has got me in the mood for street meat! For those of you that don’t know, Toronto is home to countless hot dog stands throughout the city and the dogs are amazing! I’ll let you know how my first dog of the season is….excited for lunch. Happy summer days ahead! JD

PS – here is just one of the many street meat hubs in the city. I wonder how many there actually are….



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3 responses to “Red Lemon

  1. Beth

    Great comparison! I think I like your take on the look better then Anthropologie :)

  2. Meg

    Love this! now I want a hot dog too!

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