Shopping In The Boudoir

After work, Julie and I walked down to Bathurst and Bloor to check out the goods at Secrets From Your Sister.  We are passionate about our bras – most importantly wearing the right size bra – and we both like what Secrets From Your Sister has to offer.

Once in the store, we were more than happy to find that Secrets From Your Sister was a participant of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.  Angelina Aristodemo’s collection of sophisticated boudoir photos were on display on the east wall above the stores product – how fitting!  All equally beautiful and captivating, Angelina left me wanting me to be photographed by her.  What I love most about this festival in particular, is that it always surprises you and shows up where you are around the city – just like us last night.  Next time you are dining out or having drinks with your friends, look around as the festival may be right beside you.  CM

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