Mom Style

At our childhood homes over Mother’s Day weekend, we both found ourselves rummaging through old photos, finding images of our first style influencers – our mammas! There are traits you cannot help but take from your mom – some you don’t like, and others you adore. We both love our mom’s sense of style and love looking back on the way they dressed is so cool to see. It shows a lot of who we have become….

JD’s mom. Here’s my mom on one of her many trips in one of her many self-made outfits. She had a top similar in style to this and decided she wanted one in red, so she made this one by simply tracing the pattern of the store-bought top. She then cut two squares of the red material and sewed them to her white shorts, or did they call those hot pants? not too sure. In any case I love this! Way to be creative!

I liked this photo as well because I would definitely wear an outfit like this. high-waisted, wide leg jeans, with a cropped blouse, and sunglasses. Simple. Great silhouette. Notice the helmets in the background — my parents went out on mopeds and I think someone fell off or crashed. haha. Thankfully no one was hurt.

CM’s mom in 1978.  My Mom had the ultimate boho-chic style.  Most of the pics that I looked over had her in floor length, floral print dresses and chunky plat forms – something that I would wear now!  I love this pic and it may be that my inspiration for the middle part is from her and not Gwyneth Paltrow – I will attribute it to her!  Her eyes look brown here but they are actually the brightest, sparkling blue I have ever seen.  I wonder if her necklace is still around…

I am unsure what year this was, but this pic was taken in Banff in the mid-70s.  How chic is her ski suit paired with mirrored aviators?  Have to hunt those down as well.  CM



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8 responses to “Mom Style

  1. This may be my favourite Seven Dollar Pants post yet. What gorgeous, stylish mamas.

  2. Suse

    aww, love seeing your Mom’s pics Christine…so cute! How come our threads from Kindergarten didn’t make it into your blog? :)

  3. Sundie

    Christine your mom is so pretty in this picture!
    So jealous of their style!

  4. Rach

    I love these photos! It’s clear where you girls get your good taste from :)

  5. Maria

    Such a sweet idea…to look back at your first inspiration during mother’s day wknd…how fitting. I definitely see the similarities. I hope your mother reads your blog.

    Keep up all your hard work and know that it is definitely appreciated :)

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