Remember the grand birthday parties that were held in your ninth year where everyone would come together to celebrate and just bowl their hearts outs?  Well, that is what we did last night for my good friend’s birthday.  Making our way out to Bathurst Bowlerama, 18 people met throw down strikes, spares and mostly gutter balls in their cosmic themed alley.  We choose to play 10 pin but they also have 5 pin available on another floor.

Bowling shoes will never go out of style.  I asked for two spritzes of anti-bacterial spray in mine.  Two is better than one!  Check out these bowling moves – guaranteed 11th place.

The gang was all there and we had to do a group shot with extra cheese for the occasion.  Happy Birthday Erin!  CM



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2 responses to “Bowlarama-ding-dang!

  1. Erin

    Ryan’s Technique is Amazing!!!! Professional in the making!

  2. Marilyn

    C, Thank you for organizing E’s bowling b’day. She had a wonderful time!

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