Dirty Bingo

Last Monday night was the BEST Monday night that I have EVER spent in the city.  After living in the village for 2.5 years, I did something that I have been talking about doing since I’ve moved here – play Dirty Bingo at Zelda’s.  Now located on Yonge Street, Toronto’s favorite rainbow filled restaurant/bar hosts an evening of Dirty Bingo with all proceeds going towards AIDS House.  Myself and four friends ventured out to participate in the old game hosted by two witty queens; Lena Over and a brunette, bearded Lady Gaga.  I just have to say that by the end of the night we were more intoxicated then we should have been on a Monday and some people (male and female) ended up naked on stage.


How it works is that there are 4 rounds (varies) with 2 games per round.  You can change how many cards you play with each round.  We started the first round with 5 BINGO cards at a dollar a piece.  Inevitably, we were dubbed the “straight, crazy old BINGO ladies” and were heckled for it all night.    The “straight, crazy old BINGO ladies” swept the first round.  Jokes on you suckas! (No pun intended.)  There were many prizes, all of which were completely inappropriate and 100% dirty.   Pitchers of Mill Street Organic were a drink special at $14 which made playing more games of Bingo possible.

Zelda’s decor.  They don’t look to far off from the Holt’s mannequins.  Just a little more fierce.

SJP (yes, those are her initials) took breaks by the patio.

Lena Over, one of the fabulous hosts of the evening.

The brunette, bearded Lady Gaga.

Our fabulous waiter Chris.  If you are thinking of going (which I highly recommend you do) make reservation otherwise you might be seated in the back and miss out on the action.  I thought I would leave you with the song that started every round that night.  Happy BINGO’ing!  CM



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4 responses to “Dirty Bingo

  1. That is freaking awesome! Way to be a rock star on a Monday night!

  2. Gah! I wish I could have made it. Next time!
    Also: those mannequins look like AJ McLean.

  3. Sundie

    I am so sad I wasn’t there.

  4. S-JP

    Agreed – Best Monday night EVER! (Thanks for not posting pics from the “x-round” ; P )

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