Hippity Hop

Dining room at Boehmer

The lounge at Boehmer

We did a little bar hopping recently on Ossington and Queen and discovered some great new places. We started at Our House which was a chic little place with nice decor and fun dance music. It was dead at 9:30 pm so we had a drink and moved on to Boehmer at 93 Ossington. This new to-die-for restaurant has an aura of coolness. It’s a rather wide space for this street and has a good buzzing vibe about it. We sat at the bar, drank gin cocktails, and sampled the tasty fries. They have a mix of communal and stand-alone tables for dinning and a little lounge for drinking. We found the lounge a little too well-lit and a bit lonerish because it’s tucked off to the side – I called it the loner lounge. Next time we’ll stick to the bar.

The Ossington

Our next few stops were The Ossington, Watusi, The Great Hall, and finally Saigon Flower for late night Chinese. You know I’m against late night eating, but I fell into the trap again! Gets me every time. It was delicious and was a great spot to cap off the night.  We love this city :) JD

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