The Brooklyn Way

A friend of ours just got back from NYC and was complaining that her 3 day excursion drained her bank account. Our advice for doing NYC on a dime is to do it the BROOKLYN way!

This past fall we had to find NYC accommodations in less than 24 hours and luckily we came across The New York Loft Hostel located in the neighbourhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn. Bushwick used to be an industrial part of Brooklyn with lots of factories that are now converted lofts. It’s really artsy fartsy – for example, we saw a guy in paint splattered pants, holding  a paint pallet, while walking bare foot outside! True story.

Christine was a bit shocked at how small our pint-sized room was and I fell over laughing at the look on her face when we opened the door. I had to tell her it was going to be okay. And guess what? it was!

We even went to a loft party in Bushwick a few streets over. We literally walked into someone’s loft and joined the party like locals. So random!

We were a little nervous at first being far from Manhattan but it couldn’t have turned out better. Our “loft” was right by Morgan subway station and the L train ran 24 hours. We used Hop Stop to get around and it was easy peasy – Hop Stop is a website that tells you exactly how to get from point A to B on the subway – it was our life line! We spent most of our time in Manhattan but we also explored Williamsburg and Dumbo in Brooklyn where you can find great vintage shops, cafes, and cute restos. If you’re dying to go to NYC but don’t want to break the bank, we recommend doing it the Brooklyn way! JD & CM



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4 responses to “The Brooklyn Way

  1. Suse

    Great call! Another way to do NYC without re-mortgaging your house is to stay on the other side of the Tunnel in New Jersey.. I’ve stayed in North Bergen and East Rutherford and hotels are cheaper… just take the city bus to the end of the line and you’re in Times Square!

  2. That’s awesome! I would’ve never though about doing that.

  3. Nat

    That guy’s t-shirt is fucking amazing.

  4. Vicki

    I would also recommend staying at the Jane hotel. Amazing location, best cafe in the West Village in my opinion, great bar…so long as you are willing to stay in a tiny space.

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