Mr. Bojangles

 People think I’m cruel for not liking cats, but check out Mr. Bojangles giving me the death stare….

That’s evil. I get shivers just thinking about my encounters with him. Why do I think of Mr. Bojangles when I see a cat? Is that from a movie? Maybe I’m confusing it with Mr. Mistoffelees from Cats the musical.

Also spotted in my backyard…..beautiful flowers in bloom :)

Me staring out the window in velcro rollers….JD



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8 responses to “Mr. Bojangles

  1. Annie P

    Not cruel at all Julie . . . remember Toonces?

  2. Christina

    That cat is Nicky!!!!

  3. That’s crazy! I am a cat lover but sometimes they can really creep you out. Also, they like to pee everywhere so I got rid of my 2 cats. Sometimes I miss them but when I think of the cat smell, I don’t!

  4. AD

    The blooms look lovely, enjoy!

  5. Nat

    Cats are the fucking devil.

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