Julie’s Cuban

A while back I stumbled upon a cute little place with a sign that read “Julie’s Snack Bar.” I was intrigued because it was part of an old house and tucked away on a residential side street. I knew at first sight, this was a Toronto gem.  I later found out this restaurant is actually called Julie’s Cuban and is known for amazing mojitos and one of Toronto’s best patios.

It took me forever to check this place out but I finally went last week and absolutely LOVED it. It’s a tiny room, filled with cluttered eccentric decor, friendly staff, interesting food, and great latin music.

The mojitos were delicious! Smooth, not too sweet, not too strong, and just the right amount of fresh mint – the way a mojito should be.

The menu is tapas style so we started with scrumptious guacamole dip and frituras de mais (peppery corn fritters and sour cream).

Plantains were a recurring theme on the menu so I thought I should try them out. Plantains are from the banana family, just not as sweet, and kind of have the texture of a potato. These were topped with beef in a tomato sauce, with red and green peppers. It looks a bit weird, like a meaty banana split, but it was good and very filling.

If you’re the type that digs one-off hidden gems, then I would definitely recommend Julie’s Cuban. Now I just need to go back to check out that patio – I hope the weather cooperates this summer (fingers crossed!). JD



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3 responses to “Julie’s Cuban

  1. Lily

    You must love my house because “cluttered decor” is my trademark!!
    Love you …Lily

  2. Vicki

    Yum… that place looks amazing.

  3. Jackie

    I’ve heard so much about this place…it looks so cools :)

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