Little Black Riding Hood

After a big Easter dinner, I decided I needed to walk it off. It was so nice and sunny all day but the sun was going down as I approached the Quarry by my parents house in Niagara. So pretty.   

I often get called little red riding hood when I wear this sweater coat. It’s so comfortable and I picked it up for $20! I think it could pass for Club Monaco but it’s really from Urban Planet – I wasn’t going to tell you that! One of those really rare finds.

My childhood friend Julia and I used to fish in this Quarry. We would put hot dogs on the end of our fishing line. Who does that?

I think this looks like something Bob Ross would paint. I used to love watching him on The Joy of painting. So peaceful. He used to say “Happy Trees” as he painted. HAHA

I used to be terrified to walk over these train tracks. You can’t tell from the picture, but this part of the tracks goes over the water and the gaps between the wood are wide enough that your leg could go through. I’m not scared anymore :) JD


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4 responses to “Little Black Riding Hood

  1. Annie

    Nice pics JD! I love PC.

  2. Ashleigh

    These pictures are beautiful! You look amazing!

  3. AD

    Oh, to be a child once again!

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