Le Beaches

Christine and I ventured down Queen East to meet with the super-fabulous Carly-Anne on Good Friday. Ahhhh we love days off! After chatting about Toronto, the internet, and the blogging world, Christine and I took a stroll down to Pappa Sol’s for a delicious lemon veal sandwich. It was our first time here and some funny things took place. First, the decor was tacky goodness – hence the see random giraffe.

Next we witnessed a brawl between a customer and the two person staff. This is Christine’s reaction to the fight. The customer had waited 55 minutes for two sandwiches. We were like “oh no, we’re gonna be here all day!” 

But with this picture of the owners on the wall, we just couldn’t get mad. How cute are they?

Luckily our sandwiches came out next. They probably saw the look on Christine’s face and hurried it up. The verdict? DELICIOUS! I think this is the Beaches answer to California Sandwiches or San Francesco Foods in Little Italy.

Please no pictures of me stuffing my face. JD



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2 responses to “Le Beaches

  1. AD

    Looks like a delicious lunch!

  2. So great to chat with you ladies, we’ll do it again soon!

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