Dose of Vitamin D

Ahhh we have been blessed this week with extraordinarily nice weather.  The hot weather has yet to come but I have been on cloud 9 with all sun.  Here I am getting my dose of much-needed vitamin D after this dark winter.  Getting your daily requirements of vitamin D is difficult to obtain from food alone – it is only found in oily fish like tuna and salmon as well as milk.  The best way to get it is to stand out in the sun (with sunscreen) and drink it up.  Vitamin D aids in the absorption and utilization of calcium which will keep your bones strong and prevents osteoporosis.  Research studies also suggest that getting enough vitamin D may help prevent high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and some forms of cancer.  I think this post should have been called “Body Break“.

Wearing my fave leather jacket that I bought from Club Monaco on Bloor St 2 years ago at 70% off for $150.  The leather is still soft and it has maintained its original shape quite well.  Jeans are by Uniqlo in Soho and oxfords are from Century 21.

Love the zipper detail of the jacket.  Sunglasses are $19 from Joe Fresh.

Sweater is a Zara purchase from last year.  It was on sale for $20.

I normally belt it with this elastic and faux leather Costa Blanca belt that I purchased on sale for $5.  CM



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3 responses to “Dose of Vitamin D

  1. I so wish that I had a Joe Fresh near me. I love your finds from there!

  2. Marina Tompkins

    I wish you were my personal shopper. Please move to Baltimore!

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