Blame it on the Rain

I blame my distasterous hair in these shots (not to mention this one) on the rain.  I have to be more proactive in the morning and check the weather before I spend the grueling time in the bathroom, styling my hair for it to be destroyed by the damp weather a day of rain showers will bring.   Seriously though – it looked good for the half hour I spent in my apartment before I left for work.

I have been meaning to share this H&M sweater with you for a while.  I can’t get enough of the ruffled shoulders and I wear it as much as I can – it is just too pretty not to.  The skirt you have already seen is from H&M, necklace from Aldo accessories and tights by Silks.  The boots were a great find made at H&M over a year ago – they were $10!  CM



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3 responses to “Blame it on the Rain

  1. Liz

    Oh la la! I love the ruffled shirt – so beautiful!

  2. I have the short-sleeve shirt version of your sweater…I love it (both, actually). and your hair looks great as always, miss.

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